Friday, 4 January 2013

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

This cute floral theme will really get you into spring.
Floral dresses are great for spring season and this pleated one is adorable. The thin belt will help to cinch you in at the waist, and if you don't like to make a statement with thick belts, this one is perfect.

To match with the floral theme, I found this cute floral hairband with artificial flowers.
I love this flower pattern earrings from Accessorize, which is an amazing store to find great vintage-style gorgeous jewellery.
If you want to wear earrings a little bigger, try these big bronze earrings from Lucky Brand. Click here:

I love Ballerina pumps because you can look stylish yet come home with non-aching feet.
For make-up, wear gold eyeshadow with black eyeliner, and don't be afraid to go mad with the mascara for voluminous lashes. Remember to wiggle the brush as you put on the mascara to get rid of those clumps.

This brown leather clutch bag with cute bow detail is perfect if all you need to carry is your keys and phone. It has a shoulder strap too, so you don't have to carry it around all night in your palm..

Comment below if you've got any styling questions or suggestions!!!!!

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