Thursday, 3 January 2013

Earn your stripes

Earn your stripes

Got a formal event or party coming up and want to stand out? The best way to do it is stripes. Vertical stripes are so much more flattering than horizontal as they make you appear taller and slimmer. Also the pattern on this dress will make your waist appear tiny.

The black cowboy-style leather bag goes with the zebra theme and although this one might be a bit expensive, I seen a bag similar in Primark for only £10.

These chamballa bracelets have been the celeb craze all year with celebs such as JLS, Little Mix, Amelia Lily, Pixie Lott and Selena Gomez wearing them. I think this black and white one matches perfectly with the outfit - you can buy them off Amazon for as little as £2!

Don't forget to wear black heels to make yourself even taller. Not forgetting the make-up; rouge lipstick and black eyeliner with mascara will make you appear sophisticated and tell people that you mean business.

Crackle nail polish has also been very popular. Paint your nails with a white base and paint the black crackle polish on top and voila: your monochrome look is finished!!

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