Friday, 11 January 2013

Lunch in the City

Lunch in the City

I love this outfit because it's stylish and quite casual for going out during the day.

1. I love this top - the black sequins dress it up a little and that's why I've added these glittery shoes with really highlight the dressy element of the outfit.

2. Draped jackets like this one are so in right now. They're warm, cosy, not too casual. This one with leather is gorgeous. You can throw it on and be right on trend.

3. Of course, black jeans are a must for this outfit, to give it an edge. Skinny jeans are the best, so they won't hide the lovely sparkly heels.

4. An outfit wouldn't be complete without accessories. I love big, big sunglasses because they ooze style and confidence. This quilted bag also matches with the outfit and it's big too.

5. For make-up, add a burst of colour with rouge lipstick, brush on some volume mascara and don't forget to put on liquid eyeliner to finish off the edgy look.

Lunch in the city....sorted!

Night out...:)

Night out...:)

This is the perfect outfit for going out in the evening. Sophisticated and cute.
1. I love this lace top from River Island. I love lace tops and this one is simple and dressy and the high neckline is classy and vintage.
2. The skinny black jeans go with the top.
3. Add some colour with these cute bow pumps in a washed out red for a vintage element to your outfit.
4. Accessories - this red clutch with lace detailing adds more colour to the outfit, and it's gorgeous. Add red lipstick to further brighten up the outfit and don't forget big sunglasses.
Finally, I love shamballa bracelets and this one co-ordinates perfectly.

Night out....Sorted!

Is it cos I'm cool....?

Is it cos I'm cool....?

I love this outfit because it's exactly my style. Cool and casual. Exactly what you need for going out with friends to town.

1. I love this patterned stripy jumper. only £32 from I love navy and cream - they're my favourite colours for clothing, and I love stripes. The pattern on this jumper adds to the cuteness. Black or grey jeans are the best bet with this jumper. Skinny is best!

2. This bobble scarf from topshop will keep you warm, and matches with the rest of the outfit. I love backpacks and this aztec-printed one is so on trend. It's from and it's at a bargain price at only £27! These Toms are so cute and the ultimate cute and casual shoes. They're as comfy as slippers and yet you can wear them shopping, without having to suffer with horrible heels.

3. My preppy look wouldn't be complete without this Hollister jacket.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

'right up my street' street style

Original Street Style

These affordable items all add up to my street style outfit.
As I've been walking to work each Saturday in the cold and dark, I thought about what clothes I'd most like to wear and these would probably be them.

I never forget my music when I'm on the bus and an iPod is just perfect for that - I love this colour because it corresponds with the outfit! I usually use my Blackberry Curve in Fuschia for music and I couldn't live without it when I'm walking in the dark.

I love this cool Iceland-esque winter cardi from Debenhams for only £10. Perfect and cosy for the cold mornings and saves me from having to wear a non-fashionable ski jacket. The belt also helps to cinch in your waist, and its print is very popular for the Winter Season.

This 'Love' Jumper is simple and cute. I love slogan jumpers because they stand out and I especially love this one in navy, from one of my favourite shops Dorothy Perkins. It's £36 which is worth it for something stylish and warm.

I don't know how many times I've mentioned burgundy jeans in this blog, but here's another pair. I bought a similar pair of jeans from Primark for only £10. Just shows what you can do if you bargain-hunt. Don't forget to try the sales racks; you might just find the perfect thing you've been looking for at a knock-down price.

I love love love Aztec prints and I love brown leather. This bag has both! Backpacks may have been something you carried to school when you were younger, but backpacks are becoming more of a fashion item now. Just like the satchel craze. I love this one because it has many compartments to store everything you need and the style of it is definitely up my street.
Also this Peruvian print Beanie from Topshop goes perfectly with it. I never forget my beanie when walking in the cold because it keeps your ears warm. Another plus is that it doesn't matter if you have a bad hair day; the beanie covers it up!

Finally, what street-cred would you have without Converse? These pair in navy match with the jumper and if you're going shopping, they're perfect as they don't hurt your feet like heels.
You can buy these off the Converse website, or if you're a cheapskate like me, buy a similar pair for less in Primark :)

Comment below if you have any style questions or suggestions :)