Friday, 11 January 2013

Lunch in the City

Lunch in the City

I love this outfit because it's stylish and quite casual for going out during the day.

1. I love this top - the black sequins dress it up a little and that's why I've added these glittery shoes with really highlight the dressy element of the outfit.

2. Draped jackets like this one are so in right now. They're warm, cosy, not too casual. This one with leather is gorgeous. You can throw it on and be right on trend.

3. Of course, black jeans are a must for this outfit, to give it an edge. Skinny jeans are the best, so they won't hide the lovely sparkly heels.

4. An outfit wouldn't be complete without accessories. I love big, big sunglasses because they ooze style and confidence. This quilted bag also matches with the outfit and it's big too.

5. For make-up, add a burst of colour with rouge lipstick, brush on some volume mascara and don't forget to put on liquid eyeliner to finish off the edgy look.

Lunch in the city....sorted!

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