Friday, 11 January 2013

Is it cos I'm cool....?

Is it cos I'm cool....?

I love this outfit because it's exactly my style. Cool and casual. Exactly what you need for going out with friends to town.

1. I love this patterned stripy jumper. only £32 from I love navy and cream - they're my favourite colours for clothing, and I love stripes. The pattern on this jumper adds to the cuteness. Black or grey jeans are the best bet with this jumper. Skinny is best!

2. This bobble scarf from topshop will keep you warm, and matches with the rest of the outfit. I love backpacks and this aztec-printed one is so on trend. It's from and it's at a bargain price at only £27! These Toms are so cute and the ultimate cute and casual shoes. They're as comfy as slippers and yet you can wear them shopping, without having to suffer with horrible heels.

3. My preppy look wouldn't be complete without this Hollister jacket.

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