Friday, 4 January 2013

Four steps to style

Four steps to style

Four Steps to Style

Step 1: Jacket - this hollister jacket is stylishly casual. The perfect thing to wear if you don't want to wear a heavy winter coat but you still want to stay warm.

Step 2: Top - these moustache-themed tops have been very popular on the high street. I found this top in Bank Fashion for only £10 in the January Sales. It's so cute!

Step 3: Don't forget the accessories. I love Ugg boots and you can get a pair similar to these in Primark for £10. Owls have also been very popular recently and I love them because they go with every outfit and jazz it up a little. This adorable owl bag from Accessorize and Owl necklace from Mango match perfectly with the boots.

Step 4: Skinny jeans will never go out of fashion. Wear a dark pair with this outfit to co-ordinate with the white top. The jacket will also match with dark jeans. If you want to look a little edgier, wear a pair of ripped jeans. I found a ripped pair when I was in Dublin, from Bershka and I wear them constantly because they're the comfiest jeans, yet also manage to be stylish.

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