Friday, 28 December 2012

Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

Skinny jeans
$13 -

Ugg australia boots

Fat Face pom pom beanie hat
$15 -

NARS Cosmetics silver nail polish
$23 -

The biggest bonus about winter has to be wrapping up warm in soft knits and autumnal colours.

 Bursts of colour such as the orange in the jumper and your nails will lighten up any dark winter outfit. These Ugg heels are great for stepping out in style and comfort this new year's eve. And burgundy jeans are a fashion must this season!

Tip: if you're finding it hard to find a matching outfit, co-ordinate with make-up, jewellery, nail polish etc. For example, I wear a grey beanie with grey jewellery/nail paint. Or like above: orange fox, orange nail polish. Red jeans, red hat.

The season makes it even easier to do this because beanies, gloves, scarves etc. don't have to be matched with an outfit if they match each-other....and vice versa.

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